Music House - Vienna

In Vienna, the city of music, there is a museum for the ears. The Music House is the first ever museum of sound! Six floors invite you to discover the best modern composers, and the great composers of the past, to discover the phenomena of sound and resonsonance and the future of digital music. In the Music House you don’t just hear sounds, you can see them, feel them and create them! You will be blown away by the futuristic technologies and exhibits, such as being able to hear what an unborn child in the womb can hear, and playing with sounds. Here you will discover a whole new universe!


Open daily 10am-10pm


5.50 – 10€

Address : Seilerstätte 30 1010 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Stadtpark or Karlsplatz

Bus : Stop: Schwarzenbergplatz

Phone : +43 15134850

Fax : +43 1513485048

Web :

Email : [email protected]

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