Museum of Vienna - Vienna

The Wien Museum, the Museum of Vienna- from 1887 to 2003 Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien- has been housed in the City Hall for a long time. It is a universal urban museum, with a great variety of collections and exhibitions. Themes range from the history of the city to art, fashion and daily culture- from the beginning of the city to the present. But this isn’t just a place for tourists, even Viennese locals can enjoy this museum!


Open Tuesday-Sunday 10am-6pm


3 – 6€, free entry for under 19s

Address : Karlsplatz 1040 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Karlsplatz

Bus : Stop: Schwarzenbergplatz or Gußhausstraße

Phone : +43 150587470

Fax : +43 150587477201

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