Museo Nazional del Bargello - Florence

Dedicated to sculpture and decorative arts, the Museum del Bargello possesses many masterpieces of Italian Renaissance. With its tower and its crenellated attic, the Palazzo del Bargello is one of the emblematic edifices of the city. As a public building, it was the headquarters of the Capitano del Popolo managed by the local administration. Built between 1255 et 1282, it became the headquarters of the Podestà and the Consiglio di Giustizia. In 1574, it was transformed into a prison. It was at this time that the building took its definitive name, Bargello meaning "chief warden". During the three centuries when the palace kept the function, many constructions altered the edifice's structure. From 1859, the Bargello was restorated in order to become the Museum of History and Tuscan art. The museum was inaugurated in 1865 with pieces from Uffizi, Palazzo Pitti and Medicis' collections. The Museum del Bargello is divided into several halls. The loggias of Cortile and il Verone, at the second floor, has outstanding works of the Cinquecento. Next to it is the Michelangelo's hall. The Hall of Ivory has works from the Vth and the XVIIth century made of this matter. In the chapel of Mary Magdalene and the sacristy, you can find a famous portrait of Dante amid the frescos made by the Giotto school. The Hall of Donatello, at the second floor, offers a great journey through his works. The museum also has halls dedicated to Verrocchio, Andrea della Robbia and Giovanni della Robbia. At the end of XIXth century, the Bargello's collection was enlarged with several gifts. La Carrand collection comprises more than 3,000 objects from the Middle Ages and Renaissance, such as medals, small bronze coins, ceramics, goldsmithing works and enamel works from Limoges. The Hall of Bruzziachelli displays collections given by the Florentine antique dealer Giovanni Bruzziachelli. The museum also shows islamic art objects, a magnificient series of bronzetti (small bronze statues), medals from Medici and Lorena dynasties, arms and baroque sculpture.

Address : Florence Italy

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