Museo et Chiostri Monumentali di Santa Maria Novella - Florence

The edifice of Santa Maria Novella was built during the XIIth century. It comprises a church, three great cloisters and buildings of a Dominican convent. The Chiostrino dei Morti, ou Small Cloister of the Dead, is the oldest of the three. It wasbuilt around 1270 and refurbished in the XIVth century. Inside there is the funeral chapel of the Strozzis decorated with frescos by Andrea Orcagna. The Chiostro Grande or Great Cloister was also built in the XIVth century but was modified in the XVIth century. The most famous cloister of the convent is the Chiostro Verde, ou Green Cloister, named like this because of the green tone (la terra verde) of the frescos by Paolo Uccello on the walls. Made between 1430 and 1446, they represent scenes of the Ancient Testament such as the Universal Deluge and the drunkenness of Noah. By the green Cloister, you can access to the refectory, a vast hall topped by rib vaults. It was probably built between 1340 and 1353. The convent of Santa Maria Novella comprises several dormitories, three around the Great Cloister and one to the north of the Cloister of the Dead. The biggest dormitory is the Scuola Sottufficiali dei Carabinieri. The convent has many chapels. In the Cappella del Papa (the Pope's Chapel) there is a fresco by Pontormo. The Cappellone degli Spagnoli (Great Chapel of the Spaniards) is a vast hall with rib vaults. The wall on the right is covered with an impressive fresco depicting the activity and the triumph of the Dominican order. The Cappella degli Ubriachi, built in the XIVth century, like the refectory, the sacred art collection.

The Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella was officially founded in 1612. However, the monks' pharmaceutical activity has been testified since the XIVth century. The Officina farmaceutica are in premises located south west of the Great Cloister. The access to the Officina is possible through the Via della Scala. The buildings have kept their aspect inherited from ages past. The Hall of Sales, refurbished in 1848, is in an ancient gothic chapel belonging to the Acciaiuoli family. The Pharmaceutical Office of Santa Maria Novella sells an extraordinary range of products dedicated to body care.


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