Mont-Saint-Michel cloister - Mont-Saint-Michel

The cloister towers above the Merveille. It is at the same time a distribution gallery that gave access to all the halls of the abbey like the refectory, the church and the dormitory and a space dedicated to personal meditation for the monks. It was built just atop the vaults of the hall below. The roofing is made of wood and the structure is supported by thick and solid granit walls. Inside are two rows of colonnades linked by small rib vaults held by gothic arches. Three arches overlook the sea and thus makes the cloister a belvedere. The three arches were to be the access to the chapter house but its construction never took place. There are also corner pieces which represent vegetal themes but also Saint Francis of Assisi and the Christ.

Things to see: the three arches overlooking the bay, the corner pieces made of stone from Caen (Normandy).


every day 9.00-19.00 From 2 may - 31 august and 9.30-18.00 From 1st september - 30 april.


Combined ticket 8 euros
5 euros
Free minus 18 years old

Address : Abbaye du Mont-Saint-Michel Mont-Saint-Michel France

Phone : +332 33 89 80 00

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