Mont Saint Michel abbey - Mont-Saint-Michel

The abbey of the Mont-Saint-Michel was built in the VIIIth century on a granit rock surrounded by swamps and quicksands. Every year, the famous rock attracts as much as 3 million people. According to the legend, the bishop of Avranches, Saint-Aubert, undertook the construction of an oratory and a church after being charged by the Archangel Saint-Michael of the task. In 966, Richard the First decided to found there a Benedictine abbey. In the XIth and XIIth century, monks built a Romanesque monastery at the top of the rocky island. Then, in 1204, a fire seriously damaged the abbey. It was then replaced by the Merveille building. The village that spread down the abbey was fortified during the Hundred years' War. After the monks abandonned the abbey in 1790, it was changed into a prison that lasted until 1863. The site was classified historical monument in 1874 and has been listed among the UNESCO World Heritage since 1979.

Things to see: the abbatial church and the Merveille.


every day 9.00-19.00 From 2 may - 31 august and 9.30-18.00 From 1st september - 30 april.


Combined ticket 8 euros
5 euros
Free minus 18 years old

Address : Abbaye du Mont-Saint-Michel Mont-Saint-Michel France

Phone : +332 33 89 80 00

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