Michaelerplatz - Vienna

Michaelplatz is a round square, a juxtaposition of façades from different eras. Take a closer look at the Michaeler-Flügel for example- it is a wing of the Hofburg, and was not completed until the end of the 19th century. A little memorial plaque to the left of the Michaelertor gate reminds us that the old Burgtheater was situated here until 1888- and it was here that Haydn’s Imperial Anthem was performed for the first time to celebrate François I of Austria’s birthday on 12th February 1797. It later became the national anthem, up until 1918 (« Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser », May God look after Emperor François), then from 1929-1938 (« Sei gesegnet ohne Ende », Be blessed without end). Since 1841 it has also been the German national anthem, the opening text by Hoffmann von Fallersleben (the “Deutschlandlied”° is still the 3rd verse today! Do not miss the archaeological discovery of a Roman town on the square in front of the church, which was found in 1990/1991.

Address : Michaelerplatz 1010 Vienna Austria

Subway : Stop: Herrengasse

Bus : Stop: Michaelerplatz

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