Michaelerkirche Church - Vienna

Michaelerkirche is the church in which Mozart’s last work, ‘Requiem’ was played for the first time, just after his death. However, today people visit the church to see its remarkable catacombs! You can see many mummies which have been preserved in the climate of the catacombs. In from 1631-1748, 4000 people were interred here and you can still see many coffins, painted flowers and skulls, and of course many mummies- some of which are still wearing their Baroque coats and wigs! The most famous mummy is Pietro Metastsasio, who wrote the librettos for Mozart’s operas. The church is thought to have been built between 1327 and 1340, although it has often been redesigned and added to. It has retained its current form since 1792, or there abouts. Do not miss the great altar, which is decorated with paintings depicting the fall of the angels, and the archaeological discovery on the square in front of the church where the remains of a Roman city were found in 1990/1991.

Address : Habsburgergasse 12 1010 Vienna Austria

Subway : Stop: Herrengasse or Stephansplatz

Bus : Stop: Habsburgergasse or Petersplatz/Graben

Phone : +43 15338000

Fax : +43 1533800031

Web : http://www.michaelerkirche.at

Email : [email protected]

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