Memento Park - Budapest

Memento Park is an unusual open air museum with many exhibits about Communist propaganda and statues. The collection of remnants of the communist dictatorship is both fascinating and poignant and is a popular spot for tourists to come and learn more about the history of the era. There is also a fascinating film called 'The Life of an Agent' gives an insight into the interrogation techniques used by the Secret Police, and the Stalin's Boots photo display documents the 1956 revolution and the downfall of communism in the late 1980s. A must see for those interested in this period of Hungary's history.


Open: daily 10am-dusk


Adults: 1500HUF. Students: 1000HUF.

Address : Szabadkai utca 1223 Budapest Hungary

Bus : Bus Lines: 150, 941. Stop: Brassói utca

Phone : +36 1 424 7500

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