Medici Palace - Florence

The exterior of the Medici Palace is both austere and harmonious. Its sheer size, along with its bossage work at ground level, contributes to the look of austerity, whereas the sense of harmony comes from the large number of regularly spaced windows. This set the standard for the Tuscan Renaissance style, and the Medici Palace went on to serve as a model for other palaces in the region. It has a beautiful inner courtyard surrounded by a portico of antique columns and a lovely garden. There is also the famous Magi Chapel which is decorated with Benozzo Gozzoli's frescos in the international Gothic style of the time, dating from 1460.


Open 9am- 7pm every day except Wednesday. Attention: to visit the chapel and to see the Gozzoli frescoes, it is advisable to book in advance. (At any one time, the chapel holds 8 people, with a maximum visiting time of 7 minutes)


7 €, concessions : 4 €

Address : Via Camillo Cavour 1 50123 Florence Italy

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Bus : Lines 1, 6 ,7 ,10 ,11 ,17 ,31 : Bus stop MARTELLI

Phone : +39 55 594 128

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