Martin's - Barcelona

Martin's is a gay club, located in the Gràcia district. The club no longer has the same hot reputation as it used to, but still attracts a lively and mixed crowd of party-goers. Martin's is divided into three floors, with a dancefloor upstairs, a games and chillout room on the ground floor with a view out over the city and the main room located underground. The underground room is the club's largest space, with a bar, armchairs in one corner where you can sit and watch videos, as well as a series of darkrooms where you can meet up. The music is eclectic, going from house to funk to garage, and the club regularly organises themed nights, where you may well be expected to dress in leather, military gear or even as a cowboy.


Open every day midnight - 5am.



Address : Passeig de Gràcia, 130 8008 Barcelona Spain

Subway : Diagonal (L3), (L5)

Bus : Lines 24 and 28 - Carmel

Phone : +349 32 18 71 67

Map :

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