Maria am Gestade Church - Vienna

The Mariam am Gestade is one of the rare Gothic churches in Vienna. It is the second oldest church in Vienna, and a pilgrimage site in the centre of the city. It is not only an Austro-Germanic parish church, but a church also for French and Czechs. It is notable for its position in the city centre and its original design. As its name suggests (“Gestande” means “Ufer” in old German, which means bank), sailors used to dock their boats here in the Alsbach, a branch of the Danube during the Middle Ages. To the left of the church, you can still see the stairs which connect it to the river bank. The façade of the church is exceptionally beautiful. It is adorned with a huge window and portal with an ornate canopy. Another eye catcher is the steeple, which is decorated with hooks and gutters, and is a fine example of flamboyant Gothic style, where much importance was given to decoration. The pattern is so fine, it could almost be lace!

Address : Salvatorgasse 12 1010 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Schwedenplatz or Stephansplatz

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