Lorenzo Villoresi - Florence

Patrick Suskind must have visited Florence and, more specifically, Lorenzo Villoresi’s perfumery, before writing his famous novel ‘Perfume’. Watching the shop’s owner expertly handling hundreds of little bottles and flacons, you could even imagine that Suskind had him in mind when he gave his protagonist Jean-Baptiste Grenouille his marvellous talent. Fragrances are mixed by hand in this Via de Bardi perfumery, and you can even choose the ingredients yourself to create your own unique perfume. Alongside stunning individual scents, you will find finished perfumes of an equally high quality.

Address : Via de Bardi, 14 50125 Florence Italy

Bus : Line D, bus stop ""Bardi""

Phone : +39 55 234 187

Fax : +39 55 234 5893

Web : http://www.lorenzovilloresi.it/

Email : info@lorenzovilloresi.it

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