Loos American Bar - Vienna

There are some who say that there is only one bar worth going to in Vienna- Loos Bar. Those who come here are unable to resist its charm. Soft music, classic cocktails and fabulous architecture- that’s what most travel guides will tell you. But this bar opened by visionary architect Adolf Loos in 1908 is much more than that. It has a unique atmosphere: intimate and faintly obscure. The air rings with old stories, and between those, luxury cigars, smooth whiskey and soft jazz, you’ll find you’re in very good hands!


Open Thursday-Saturday 12pm-5am, Sunday-Tuesday 12pm-4am

Address : Kärntner Straße 10 1010 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Stephansplatz

Bus : Stop: Blankengasse

Phone : +43 15123283

Web : http://www.loosbar.at

Email : office@loosbar.at

Map :

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