Lietchtenstein Museum in the Liechtensteinium Palace - Vienna

The Liechtenstein palace is a little baroque palace in which you will find the Liechtenstein Museum. Here you can admire a large collection of Rubens work, as well as masterpieces by van Dyck, Raphael, Rembrandt, van Ruysdael and Hamilton. There is also a large collection of porcelain and bronze as well as beautiful French carriages. Since the reopening of the museum- during WWII, the collection was sent to Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein to protect it from the Nazis- you can also admire some rooms which were formerly closed to the public, such as the magnificent library. The Badminton Cabinet, a piece of Baroque furniture, is the crowning jewel in the collection- it is the most precious piece of furniture in the entire world! The combination of a large collection of paintings, sculptures, furniture, porcelain and tapestries, with the architecture of the palace gives the place the air of a lovely, noble family collection.


Open Friday-Tuesday 10am-5pm


5 – 10€, free entry for under 19s

Address : Fürstengasse 1 1090 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Schottentor

Bus : Stop: Bauernfeldplatz

Phone : +43 131957670

Fax : +43 1319576720

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