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The Great Theatre of Liceo is one of the most expensive and symbolic places in Barcelona for its inhabitants. The fire that occured on the 31st of January 1994 and destroyed the auditorium and stage moved the entire city and a great reconstruction finished in 1999 took place. Inaugurated on the 4th of April 1847 on the Rambla of Barcelona, the construction of the theatre was ordered by the Drama Society of Amateurs, whose success made necessary the construction of a new building for its performances. The theatre was built on the site of the ancient convent of the Trinitarian of la Rambla which had suffered from the consequences of the "desamortizacion" that was the public sale of properties belonging to the aristocracy, towns and the Church or religious orders. The Liceo's history is marked by several incidents. In 1861, a fire broke up and destroyed the auditorium and the stage. Josep Oriol Mestres, who took part in the original project of Miguel Garriga i Roca, took care of the reconstruction. Only one year later, the theatre was inaugurated once again. On the 7th of November 1893, during a Rossini's William Tell performance, the anarchist Santiago Salvador threw two bombs on the stalls. Only one exploded then killed 22 people and hurt 35 others. The theatre's façade is rather modest compared to the inside where we can admire the magnificient perron made of marble which leads to the Hall of Mirrors and the amphitheatre. After the 1994 fire, the premises were built again as an exact replica. The measures, the layout, the capacity, the decoration and the acoustics were respected. The auditorium, inspired by the Scala of Milano, is horse-shoe shaped, has stalls and 5 levels. 2,292 people can sit there. The current decoration reminds 1909's. The golden and polychrome plaster mouldings, the dragon-shaped brass standard lamps, the red velvet-clad iron seats are still there. Everything corresponds to the usual magnificience of XIXth century theatres. The renovation of the premises included new elements like the roof decoration by Peregaume and the curtain made by the fashion designer Antonio Miro. It also included many technical innovations such as the refurbishment of the 70 metre high theatrical tower which can have 3 opera stage designs at the same time.


monday - sunday : 11h30, 12h, 12h30, 13h



Address : 51-59, La Rambla Barcelona Spain

Phone : 34934859900

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