Liberty Bridge - Budapest

The Liberty Bridge was built to designs by János Feketeházy in 1893, and inaugurated on the 4th of October 1896 by Emperor Franz Josef I, who hammered in the final silver rivet on the Pest side himself. Originally it was named after the Emperor as well. The bridge is a lovely art nouveau monument, built to look like the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, although they have very different structures. The bridge columns on the bridge are topped with Turuls, majestic eagle type birds which feature prominently in Hungarian myths. The bridge was blown up by retreating Nazis at the end of WWII, but was soon repaired and given its new name.

Address : Links Gellért tér with Fővám tér 1000 Budapest Hungary

Bus : Buda Side: Bus Lines: 8, 86, 173, 233E, 907, 973. Tram Lines: 18, 19, 41, 47, 49. Stop: Szent Gellért tér. Pest Side: Bus Lines: 15, 83, 115, 979, 979A. Tram Lines: 2, 47, 49. Stop: Fővám tér.

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