La Caja Negra - Seville

La Caja Negra is a small bar which also hosts live music, and is situated in the San Gil area of Seville. This bar is particularly popular because of its good ambience and its owner Rosa, one of the main influences on the nightlife scene in San Gil, welcomes everyone warmly and generously. The inside is modern in its build but the posters represent mythical figures of the underground scene from the last 30 years including Smash, Veneno and Silvio, giving La Caja Negra an old, authentic feel. The room is split into two areas: sofas and tables are available to relax over a drink and take in the sights, and then there's the dance floor for those who want to actively enjoy the acoustic concerts. Note that La Caja Negra is often very crowded, especially at the weekend.


Every day, from 8pm.

Address : Calle Fresa, 15 41002 Seville Spain

Bus : Lines C1, C3

Map :

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