Klessheim Castle - Salzburg

Klessheim Palace was commissioned by Archbishop Johann Ernst Thun in 1700, although he never saw its completion in 1732, as he died in 1709. Klessheim Palace has a very grand and inspiring appearance: the entrance has a magnificent Triton Fountain, whilst the loggia, entrance hall and staircase perpetuate some of the Baroque splendor of the past. A reclining stag, its antlers studded with gold stars, is found on a pedestal at each entrance ramp, and the stucco on the inside is the work of Paolo d'Allio and Diego Francesco Carlone, created to plans by Fischer von Erlach. During WWII the palace was taken over by Adolf Hitler, who used it to hold meetings, such as those with Mussolini, and military demonstrations. He even had the sandstone eagles above the main entranceway redesigned in line with the third reich fashions of the time. It was also used by the Allied forces to hold victory celebrations at the end of the war. Today, it is home to the Salzburg casino, with 5 American roulette tables, 5 Black Jack tables, an Easy Hold'em poker table, 6 poker tables, a tropical stud poker table, 10 easy roulette and 106 slot machines.

Address : Klessheimer Strasse, Wals-Siezenheim 5071 Salzburg Austria

Subway : Salzburg Taxham Europark Station: Trains : 3, RB

Phone : +43 662854455

Fax : +43 66285445516

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