k.u.k. Hoflieferant Köchert - Vienna

Shopping in this city with its incomparable Imperial flair among the palaces and Imperial residences is a magical experience! Today you can shop in the same places as the Emperors, at the old k.u.k. Hoflieferanten, (purveyors to the Court of Vienna). Köchert jewellers are the place to take your uncrowned head for some serious glamour!


Open Monday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturdays 10am-5pm

Address : Neuer Markt 15 1010 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Stephansplatz

Bus : Stop: Plankengasse

Phone : +43 15125828

Fax : +43 15134022

Web : http://www.koechert.at

Email : aek@Koechert.at

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