Jonathan und Sieglinde - Vienna

Jonathan und Siegelinde is always surprising their vegetarian visitors with their delicious creations! The founders wanted to create something new, a down to earth and friendly restaurant- with everything based on apples and potatoes! There is an unbeatable range of dishes from these two basic ingredients, and everything is prepared with health in mind! To drink they have an impressive variety of apple juices!


  • Potato and almond dumplings stuffed with gorgonzola on a bed of spinach / Baked potatoes with medallions of pork in peppers sauce / Potato dumplings stuffed with apricot jam, with chocolate sauce
  • Warm goats cheese and bacon on a bed of spinach and potatoes /Baked potatoes with mushrooms, fried turkey and cheese sauce / Fried potato dumplings with vanilla sauce and strawberry jam


Open Monday-Saturday 9am-11pm, food served 11am-3pm and 5.30pm-10.30pm

Address : Riemergasse 16 1010 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Stubentor

Bus : Stop: Zedlitzgasse/Riemergasse

Phone : +43 15131710

Fax : +43 15131710

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