JJ Cathedral - Florence

Be careful not to miss the tucked away entrance to JJ Cathedral, where, in the heart of Italy, the spirit of Ireland hides behind its wooden doors! If your tastes are geared more towards beer than Chianti, JJ Cathedral is the place for you. You’ll find a selection of the big names in international beer, including Beamish, Foster's, Moretti and Urquell Pilsener. If beer’s not really your thing, you can also sample one of the bar’s many cocktails. Tuesday is Ladies’ Night at JJ Cathedral, when (from 10pm- 2am) women pay just 4€ for beers and cocktails. The Piazza della Signoria pub is also renowned for its ‘Peanuts Party’, which takes place each second and third Sunday of the month... Come along to find out the meaning of the evening’s ‘Walk on shells’ catchphrase!

Address : Piazza di San Giovanni, 4 50129 Florence Italy

Bus : Lines C1, C2 bus stop ""Roma""

Web : http://www.jjcathedral.com/

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