JazzSi Club - Barcelona

Jazz Si Club is a tiny bar in the El Raval neighbourhood which is owned by the ""Taller de Musics"" (Musicians' Workshop). Every evening, for just €5, you can listen to the cream of international jazz, as well as a variety of other musical styles. While most of the time it's the sounds of jazz and blues you'll hear drifting out of the bar, Fridays are reserved for flamenco, while Thursdays and Sundays are set aside for Cuban and rock music respectively. As the club's open from 6pm til 11pm, you may just want some food to keep you going, and fortunately the club serves a selection of tapas and other Spanish specialities.


Open every day 6pm - 11pm.



Address : Carrer de Requesens, 2 8001 Barcelona Spain

Subway : Sant Antoni (L2)

Bus : Line 120 - Ciutat Vella

Phone : +349 33 29 00 20

Web : http://www.tallerdemusics.com

Map :

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