Indochine 21 - Vienna

Indochine 21 takes you on a delectable culinary voyage of the “Indochina” region, including Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The cuisine and lifestyles in these countries is still relatively unknown even in the 21st century! Vietnamese cuisine is light and healthy, uniting elements from Chinese, Cambodian, Indian, Thai and French cuisines. Fresh herbs, soups, broths, fish, shellfish, crunchy vegetables, rice and exotic fruits all play an important role in this diverse cuisine. All the dishes are accompanied by ‘nuoc mam’ a fish based soup fermented in brine. You can complement your culinary explorations with a selection of delicious wines and other drinks.


  • Mizuna salad greens with artichokes and chicken with chinese noodles and a sesame dressing / Fried pork dumplings with fiery chilli dip / Crêpes with vanilla ice cream, basil and cognac caramel
  • Veal thighs with 5 spice, with a green salad, mango and spicy habenero sauce


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