Imperial Hof Castle - Vienna

A world of Baroque adventures awaits you just an hour by car from Vienna at the Hof Castle! It was built in the 18th century for Prince Eugene of Savoie, and then rebuilt by Marie-Theresa, who bought it from Prince Eugene’s’ descendants in 1755 and gave it to her husband. To address the lack of space, Marie-Theresa decided to add another storey in around 1770. During these works, the architect to the Imperial Court also improved the façade and some of the interior halls, bringing them up to date with the trends of the time for rich, Classicist decoration. This façade is the one that you still see today. The castle has attracted many tourists over the years that come to see the apartments of the Princes and Emperors, the Baroque gardens, which are as splendid now as in the days of the princes, made up of 7 terraces which lead down to the March. There are no Baroque gardens quite this beautiful in the whole of Europe, none with the richness or elegance of those which were designed for Prince Eugene at the Hof castle. Here the creative force of nature and the virtuosic work of Man are fused to create a harmonious masterpiece! Today visitors to this part of the castle can get a taste of the beautiful, tranquil pleasures of rural life, eat at the “Zum Weissen Pfau” inn, meet cute and cuddly rare animals, or discover the old pottery workshops, learn the crafts of the tower, or how to make jam. A delight for the whole family!


Open daily from April-October 10am-6pm


7 – 10.50€

Address : Schlosshof 1 2294 Vienna Austria

Bus : Stop: ATN Schloss Hof Neuer Parkplatz

Phone : +43 22852000

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