Ikarus - Salzburg_

Located in Hangar 7, Ikarus is a fine dining concept menu- each month a different world famous international chef designs the menu, so you are never likely to eat the same dish twice!


  • Shrimp Tartare with seaweed, seafood and herbs
  • Roasted Langostino with whipped passionfruit cream, asparagus spears and Japanese salad
  • Salad of chocolate with mushroom herbs, lemon pie, parasol sugar and frappé of egg liqueur


Open daily 12pm-2pm and 7pm-10pm. Closed the first day of every month.

Address : 7a Wilhelm-Spazier-Strasse 5020 Salzburg_ Austria

Bus : Salzburg Airport

Phone : +43 662219777

Fax : +43662 21973786

Web : http://www.hangar-7.com/

Email : ikarus@hangar-7.com

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