Hundertwasser House - Vienna

Hundertwasser house, or as it should be known Hundertwasser-Krawina house, is a house that was designed and built by the architect Joseph Krawina and the painter Friedensreich Hundertwasser. If you look more closely, you will see that this house is an architectural feature. It is a multicoloured fairytale castle in the middle of a sea of grey, uniform buildings, which brings to life dreams of individuality and harmony! It is one of the most visited buildings in Austria, and is among the most culturally important. The house was the first architectural project with the involvement of a painter, and no other building in the city can rival its success in terms of visitors and publicity. It is the magnificent mix of Krawina’s experimental architectural style and the paintings by Hundertwasser, which emphasise emotions and fantasy which makes Hundertwasser unique.

Address : Kegelgasse 34 - 38 1030 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Rochusgasse

Bus : Stop: Rasumowskygasse or Hetzgasse

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