Horne Museum - Florence

Located in the Corsi-Alberti Palace, is the Horne Museum which exhibits the art collection of one man, Herbert Horne, and almost gives the impression that he still lives there today. The collection includes art objects, fine furnishings, sculpture and paintings by some of Italy's greatest artists: Masaccio, Benido Gozzoli and Filippino Lippi. A particular highlight is Giotto's panel of Saint Stephen.


Open daily, 9am- 1pm. Closed Sundays and public holidays.


5€, concessions : 3€

Address : Via de Benci 6 50122 Florence Italy

Bus : Lines A, 14, 23, 71 : Bus stop PROCONSOLO

Phone : +39 55 594 121

Fax : +39 0552009252

Web : http://www.museohorne.it/

Email : info@museohorne.it

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