Hofjadg- und Rüstkammer - Vienna

The ornate armour, saddles and ceremonial weapons in the armoury of the Hofburg tell many centuries of European history. One of the best weapons in the world,The gold sword of Maximilian II (1527-1576) is here, as well as the well kept as the splendid breastplate of King Ferdinand of Aragon (1452-1516). Major political events such as campaigns, Diet, homage, coronations and weddings always offered opportunities to create new objects that were placed in the Collection of Arms and Armour. Almost all Western European ruling houses are here with objects from the 15th to the early 20th Century represented. Unique pieces of armour were designed by famous artists such as Albrecht Dürer and Hans Holbein.


Open Wednesday-Sunday 10am-6pm


9 – 12€, free entry for under 19s

Address : Heldenplatz 1010 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Museumsquartier or Volkstheater

Bus : Stop: Heldenplatz

Phone : +43 1525244502

Web : http://www.khm.at/de/neue-burg/sammlungen/hofjagd-und-ruestkammer/

Email : info.hjrk@khm.at 

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