Heroes Square - Budapest

Heroes square is the largest square in the city and is home to the Millennium Memorial, a spectacular monument to the most influential leaders in Hungary's history. The UNESCO World Heritage site has a 40m tall Corinthian style column which is topped with a statue of the Archangel Gabriel holding the crown of St Istaván, the first King of Hungary in his right hand and an apostolic cross in his left. Statues of the 7 heroes of Hungary are placed in a semi circle behind the statue. There is also a cenotaph on this square which is dedicated to ""To the memory of the heroes who gave their lives for the freedom of our people and our national independence."".

Address : Hösok Tére 1068 Budapest Hungary

Subway : Line: M1. Stop: Hősök tere M

Bus : Bus Lines, 20E, 30, 30A, 75, 79, 105, 979. Stop: Hősök tere M

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