Herboristeria del Rei - Barcelona

The Herboristeria del Rei (King's Herbalist Store) opened its doors in 1820, making it the first of its kind in Barcelona, and one of the oldest shops in the Catalan capital. The shop certainly has a historical and artistic value. It's historical as it was one of Queen Isabel II's favourite shops, and artistic thanks to its original decor, which has remained untouched since Francesc Soler i Rovirosa, a famous theatre director, renovated it in the 1860s. The walls are adorned with oil and watercolour paintings, and there's a marble statue of the Swedish Naturalist Carl Von Linne, while the most original part of the building is undeniably the roof, which is made of herbs! You'll find everything you'd expect here, with over 220 varieties of medicinal plants, dietetics complements and essential oils, as well as a line of high quality and ecological food products, including jam, oils, wine and honey. The Herboristeria del Rei has a unique and authentic ambiance, a mix of aromas and flavours, as well as the romantic enchantment of the 19th century, so don't hesitate to visit the shop, it's well worth it.


Tuesday - Saturday: 10am-8pm.

Address : Carrer del Vidre, 1 8002 Barcelona Spain

Subway : Liceu (L3)

Bus : Lines 14 and 91 - Poble Nou or Bordeta

Phone : +349 33 18 05 12

Web : http://www.herboristeriadelrei.com

Email : bernatps@yahoo.es

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