Hemingway - Florence

In case you were wondering, no, Ernest Hemingway never owned this bar, nor in fact did he ever set foot in the Piazza Piattellina. All the same, the bar’s name is an apt choice because as well as literature, the American author was known for chocolate. During the First World War, the writer was stationed on the Italo-Austrian Front, and handed out chocolates and cigarettes to the soldiers. The Hemingway in Florence, meanwhile, serves chocolate soup, hot chocolate, chocolate milk, ice cream and much more... It’s the perfect place to give in to your little weaknesses, and perhaps even to write a few lines if you’re feeling creative!


Monday- Thursday, 4.30pm- 1am / Fridays and Saturdays, 4.30pm- 2am/ Sundays, 2pm- 1am

Address : Piazza Piattellina, 9/r 50124 Florence Italy

Bus : Line D bus stop ""Carmine""

Phone : +39 55 284 781

Web : http://www.hemingway.fi.it

Email : massimiliano@hemingway.fi.it

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