Hellbrunn Castle - Salzburg

Hellbrunn Palace was comissioned by Markus Sittikus, the Prince Archbishop of Salzburg in 1612, only months after he ascended to the throne. Here you will find a beautiful palace at the foot of the Hellbrunn mountain. There are huge spacious gardens, but the main attraction here are the many trick fountains, which have delighted visitors for over 400 years. The spacious park was redecorated around 1730 according to plans by the inspector of the royal gardens, Franz Anton Danreiter, and adapted to the ""new"" style of the age. The mythical and historical statues date back to the beginning of the 17th century. A statue of Empress Elisabeth, sculpted by Edmund von Hellmer, which had formerly stood in front of the old ""Hotel Europe"" at the Empress Elisabeth Railway Station (today's central railway station) was placed in the so-called English Park. The stone quarry was also turned into an open air theater, the oldest of its kind in central Europe. Today you can also find the folklore section of the Museum of Salzburg housed in the manor here, which has a collection of regional folklore with objects of popular customs and piety, furnishings, popular medicine and a number of beautiful Trachten (traditional costumes) worn in the Salzburg valley regions.


4.50-9.50€ for guided tours, entrance to the park and orangerie is free

Address : Fürstenweg 37 5020 Salzburg Austria

Subway : Salzburg South Station : Trains: 2, 3, EC, IC, OEC,OIC, REX

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Fax : +43 662820372

Web : http://www.hellbrunn.at/

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