Haydn's House - Vienna

Haydn bought this bungalow at current 19 Haydngasse in 1793. He made many changes to it, including changing the layout, adding an extra storey before finally moving into it in 1797, at the age of 65! It was in this house, in which he lived for 12 years that he wrote a large part of his later works, including the grandiose “Die Schöpfung” (The Creation) and “Die Jahreszeiten” (The Seasons). This exhibition of the last years of Haydn’s life explores his music, his habits and how his life changed as he got older. You will also find quotations from his many visitors, his pianoforte and clavichord. Since Johannes Brahms was a great fan of Haydn and wrote so much about his idol, there is a commemorative section to Brahms in the Haydn museum. Even Napoleon himself was such a fan that he stationed a guard outside the dying composer’s house in 1809 during the siege of Vienna! The museum is an absolute must for all Haydn fans!


Open Tuesday-Sunday 10am-1pm and 2pm-6pm


3 – 4€, free entry for under 19s

Address : Haydngasse 19 1060 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Zieglergasse or Westbahnhof

Bus : Stop: Zieglergasse

Phone : +43 15961307

Fax : +43 150587477201

Web : http://www.wienmuseum.at/de/standorte/ansicht/haydnhaus.html

Email : office@wienmuseum.at

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