Güell Park - Barcelona

Strange symbol of Barcelona, the Güell park has an unrestricted view over the city. The park is the result of the relation between Gaudi and the industrialist Eusebio Güell. It spreads over two properties on the Montana Pelada (the bare mountain) over 17 hectares. It was originally conceived as an inner city with gardens for the rich families of Barcelona. Unfortunately, the project failed and only two plots of land were sold to rich people. For its creation, Gaudi tried to blend autochthonous forms with traditionnal construction methods in order to evoke a catalan landscape. The result of the work respects the religious symbolism that characterizes the architect's universe. The park is a structure composed of a perron, an hypostyle hall and a greek theatre, all bound by a wall and two houses at the entrance. The architect always wanted to preserve the initial spirit of the land on which the park was built with the altitude of 60 metres. The drooping vegetation, winding paths, caverns, typically catalan rasilla vaults are integrated in parables, thus making original this exceptionnal place, based on the mytology of a sacred Catalonia. The two houses at the entrance create a very welcoming atmosphere for the visitors. Those covered constructions with catalan vaults show a remarkable bold architecture revealed by the usage of parabolic forms, prefabricated elements and cheap materials. The perron, protected by ceramic-clad walls, is divided into 3 small islands where you can see a cavern, a snake head and the famous dragon which pours out water from the underground tank. On the second park level, the hypostyle hall was conceived for housing the community's market with its 6 metre 86 columns holding the roof of the greek theatre. In this place was built the undulating bench which is undoubtedly the most famous park element because of the impressive multitude of colours and textures.


november - february: 10h - 18 h
may - august: 10h - 21 h
march and october: 10h - 19 h
april and september: 10h - 20h



Address : Calle Olot Barcelona Spain

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