Goldgasse - Salzburg

The Goldgasse in Salzburg is a narrow passageway leading from one of the arcades on Residence Square to the Old Marketplace. It was also known as the ""Sporer"" ""Milch"" (Milk) and ""Schlosser"" (Locksmith) lane at various times over the centuries. ""Sporers"" were locksmiths for riding tack. The passageway owes its current name to the goldsmiths that once had their shops here. Beautiful jewelry - old and new - can still be bought here today, as can antiques, traditional costumes and hats, silk flowers, books, antique timepieces, pewter, furs, antique coins, paintings, fine wines and cooking oils, exclusive leather goods, art supplies, designer glasses and ceramics

Address : Goldgasse 5020 Salzburg Austria

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