Golden Tower (Naval Museum) - Seville

The Golden Tower is a remarkable Almohad structure dating from the 13th century. From its vantage position above the Guadalquivir, it controlled access to the city. Nowadays it is a Naval Museum, its 400 items offering a well-presented insight into the importance of Seville's naval history and the strong link between the city and the river. You will see engravings, letters, scale models, navigational instruments and historical documents.


Open from Tuesday to Friday: 10pm to 2pm, on Saturday and Sunday: 11am to 2pm. Closed on Monday and in August. Ask about Holy days, as opening times vary.


€1 . Free admission on Tuesday.

Address : Paseo de Cristobal Colón s/n 41001 Seville Spain

Phone : +34 954222419

Fax : +34 954226159

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