Gasthaus Nestroy - Vienna

The house in which you will find Zwölf-Apostelkeller was built in around 1339. Today you can try a variety of traditional Viennese cuisine in this ancient, Gothic building. You will be won over by delicious wines, “Heuriger” musicians and the dim candlelight which gives this place its authentic and intimate atmosphere.


  • Tafelspitz (boiled beef) with sautéd potatoes and horseradish and chive sauce
  • ""Nestroy"" Schnitzel (stuffed with spicy salamic, peppers and cheese) with green salad


Open Monday-Friday 10.30am-11pm

Address : Weintraubengasse 7 1020 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Nestroyplatz

Bus : Stop: Nestroyplatz

Phone : +43 15811346

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