Gasometer - Vienna

The Simmering area was highly industrialised for quite a long time, and unsurprisingly, not very pretty. To change this, the city of Vienna decided to let a team of 4 superstar architects transform 4 old gas tanks into something new. The original outer walls were kept, and inside the gas tanks are big enough to fit the Viennese Ferris wheel inside! Today the gas tanks have been developed into 615 modern apartments, a convert hall for 4000 people, a university city, a cinema and a 22000m² shopping centre! A veritable Eldorado of shopping with an interesting style!

Address : Guglgasse 6 1110 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Gasometer

Bus : Stop: Gasometer

Phone : +43 17436430

Fax : +43 1743643030

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