Garlochi - Seville

The Garlochi is a unique bar like you wouldn't find anywhere else! Located in the Alfalfa area, it is ideal for the Semana Santa as it is completely immersed in the religious theme. You'll feel as though you are going into a church with the entry made in gratitude to the Virgin and the interior of the bar is no less impressive: linen velvet, the effigies of the Virgin, walls decorated with images of Christ, ecclesiastical objects in silver and of course, flowers and candles to complete the decoration. You'll be immersed in a world of devotion and worship as songs and processions play in the background. Go along with the theme and order a Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) which is the cocktail of the house.


Every day from 2pm to 1am.

Address : Calle Boteros, 26 41004 Seville Spain

Bus : Lines B2, 12, 32

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