Full Up - Florence

Full Up is a trendy club where a t-shirt and jeans do not quite fit the dress code. No one will ask you to leave, but a casual outfit is sure to make you feel uncomfortable amongst the beautifully turned-out Italian clubbers. If you are in the mood for a laid back evening, head to the piano bar with its velvet sofas and relaxed atmosphere. However, if you’re ready to party, make your way to the dance floor for a mix of pop, dance and house music.


Monday- Saturday, 11pm- 4am

Address : Via della Vigna Vecchia 23-25/r 50123 Florence Italy

Bus : Line C2 bus stop ""Ghibellina""

Phone : +39 55 293 006

Web : http://www.fullupclub.com/

Email : info@fullupclub.com

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