Fortifications du Mont-Saint-Michel - Mont-Saint-Michel

As soon as the benedictine monks had settled there in 966, Richard I gave them additional funds in order to build a fence. It probably was made of wood and no longer exists. The first fortifications date back to the XIIIth century and were built for the protection of the Archangel's sanctuary. Other ramparts were build during the Hundred Years' War against the Englishmen 's assaults. The urban wall starts near the tower of Claudine. It gives access to the rampart walk where you have a magnificient view of the bay. The walk passes near the highest tower of the ramparts which is the northern tower. The Fanils wall protected the storerooms of the abbey on the west side and was built in the XVIth century. The wall includes the Gabriel tower on which was built a wind mill in the XVIIth century.

Thing to see: the outstanding view of the bay from the ramparts.



Address : Les Remparts Mont-Saint-Michel France

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