Die Wäscherei - Vienna

Wäscherei is a friendly, inviting bistro which serves delicious breakfasts well into the afternoon which are perfect for those days you want a lie in! But you can also spend a great evening here if you want to just come for a quick drink. Don’t miss out on their lovely garden in summer!


  • Creamy tomato soup / New York style steak with spicy mixed salad, creamy dressing, pepper sauce and chips / Almond dumplings
  • Green salad with balsamic vinegar / Chicken strips in sesame sauce / Topfenknockerl (quark dumplings) with strawberries


Open Monday-Friday 5pm-2am, Saturday 10am-2pm and Sunday 10am-midnight

Address : Albertgasse 49 1080 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Josefstädter Straße or Alser Straße

Bus : Stop: Laudongasse/Lederergasse

Phone : +43 1409237511

Fax : +43 1409237515

Web : http://www.die-waescherei.at

Email : lokal@die-waescherei.at

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