Davanzati Palace - Florence

The Palazzo Davanzati is a typical merchant residence of the florentine Trecento. The building ordered by the Davizzi family is composed of 4 storeys and a beautiful court with different types of arches. The façade has lines of "mozzo" arch (or surbased) windows and cornices between the storeys. The arms in pietra serena in the middle of the façade are Davazantis' and were placed in 1578. The façade has been more visible since refurbishments made between 1890 and 1895. The palace was bought by Bernardo Davazanti in the VXIth century. It belonged to his family until 1838 when the death of the last heir brought the internal modification of the building divided then into quarters. In 1904, the Palazzo Davazanti was bought by the antique dealer Elia Volpi who ordered the construction of an ancient florentine residence. Restored and refurbished, the Palazzo Davazanti was open to public in 1910. In 1951, it definitely belonged to the Italian State. The Palazzo Davazanti's atmosphere is thtat of a florentine residence between the Middel Ages and Renaissance. There are items and domestic utensils from the XIth century to the XVIIth century such as furniture, earthenware, tapestries as well as collections of lace and embroidery pieces.

To see: the edifice, the façade, the cortile, the items displayed, the collections; Close to: Palazzo Vecchio, Palazzo Strozzi, Orsanmichele.


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Address : 13, Via di Porta Rossa Florence Italy

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