Cotton Club - Budapest

Cotton Club takes you back to 1920s America! This gangster and moll themed prohibition style speakeasy is the great way to spend your night in style. You can try a delicious meal in their newly opened restaurant, sip a cocktail or smooth whiskey at the bar, or enjoy a fine cigar in the Cigar Hall. Every night at 7pm there is a live jazz performance, as well as regular dance shows when dancers in typical 20s style outfits perform all the most popular dances of the age including the can can, the swing and the Charleston. A must!


Open daily 12pm-midnight

Address : Jókai utca 26 1066 Budapest Hungary

Subway : Line: M3. Stop: Nyugati pályaudvar M

Bus : Bus Lines: 72, 73. Stop: Nyugati pályaudvar (Podmaniczky utca)

Phone : +36 1 354 0886

Fax : +36 1 354 1341

Web :

Email : [email protected]

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