Condom Museum - Vienna

The Condomi-Museum shows the history of the condom, with the help of 300 pieces on display. You can inspect a sample of condoms from around the world since 1930, as well as funny, frisky curiosities and displays which eliminate taboos. Across an exhibition space of 100m² in the basement of an erotic shop, “Liebenswert - feminine Lebensart” the Condomi-Museum explains all you need to know about safe sex and contraception. Taking a little walk through the history of contraception, you will discover ancient methods, including sheep intestines and linen sachets! Quickly you come to the current era with the modern condom...high quality, with different flavours and causing different sensations.


Open Monday-Friday 11am-7pm, Saturdays 11am-6pm


Free entry

Address : Esterhazygasse 26 1060 Vienna Austria

Subway : U Neubaugasse

Bus : Stop: Neubaugasse

Phone : +43 15955255

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