Ciutadella Park - Barcelona

The Ciutadella park comprises a garden, a lake, a zoo, statues and museums. The park was built on the site of an ancient citadel ericted under the reign of king Philip V during the XVIIIth century. In 1869, a law promulgated by General Prim commanded the destruction of the citadel for the construction of a public park. The project included the construction of exhibition palace and several museums. Nature is intimately present thanks to many identified and classified botanical species and to the zoo created in 1892 from a private animal collection. The park is not only a green area in the middle of Barcelona. There you can visit the Modern art museum of Catalonia and the museum of Geology. The park has also many statues such as the monument dedicated to Picasso by Antonio Tapiès, the statue of General Prim, replica of the 1870 original destroyed during the Civil War and the life-size stone mammoth. Only three buildings from the stroghold remain: the Parliament of Catalonia, the former arsenal, the military chapel and the Instituto Verdager, the former residence of the citadel's governor. For the World Fair that took place in Barcelona in 1888, other edifices were built, namely the triumphal arch, classical structure made of bricks which was the principal access to the World Fair. Other surprises awaits you in this fine architectural grouping. The Castell del Tres Dragons, modern building made by the architect Lluis Domènech i Montaner, was initially built to be the café-restaurant for the World Fair. There are two great greenhouses: the Hivernacle transformed into a café-restaurant, and the Umbracle. The Cascade, work of Josep Fontséré contains some elements designed by Gaudi. The lake is one of the nicest places in the park. You can have a boat cruise and admire the bald cypress, a beautiful tree growing within the lake water. By the way, the park also hosts events such as concerts and fairs.

To see: the park's sculptures, the botanical specimens; To do: boat cruise over the lake, visit the Modern Art museum of Catalonia and the museum of Geology.



Address : Park de la Ciutadella Barcelona Spain

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