Church of San Luis de los Franceses - Seville

The church of San Luis de los Franceses (St Louis of the French) is a former Jesuit church, now disaffected and used for concerts and plays. It is one of the best examples of Sevillian Baroque. The Baroque likes to catch the eye and lead it along the façades but this is rather difficult here as one can't stand back. Another Baroque feature, however, is that it is associated more closely with decoration than with structure. And inside Leonardo de Figueroa's building certainly reveals its elegance. The decor is exuberant but doesn't take over and the proportions are perfect. One can see canvases by Zurbaran and Domingo Martinez but the main feature is the grand fresco by Lucas Valdes on the dome.

Address : c/ San Luis s/n 41003 Seville Spain

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