Church of Saint Walburg - Bruges

Built between 1619 and 1643 and originally dedicated to Saint Francis Xavier, Saint Walburg’s Church started life as the church of the Jesuit College of Bruges. Its Bruges-born architect, Pierre Huyssens, was a Jesuit himself. The church was given its current name following the exile of the Jesuits in 1773, and its transformation into a parish in 1777. The church has a relatively typical baroque layout, blended with the restraint of the Doric order that you can see in the mouldings. Its rib vaults can be considered as much as an archaic trait, as a homage to the gothic tradition of Bruges.


Monday to Friday 10am- 12pm and 2pm- 5pm / Sunday 2pm- 5pm


No visits allowed during mass

Address : St-Maartenplein B 8000 Bruges Belgium

Bus : Line 6 or 16, bus stop Sint-Walburgakerk

Phone : +32 50 44 87 11

Fax : +32 50 44 87 78

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