Chocolate Museum - Vienna

Sisi-Taler and Johann-Strauss-Taler, Mozart chocolate liqueurs and Sisi Violets: chocolate is one of the most fascinating and delicious themes in the world! Did you know that the cocoa tree is also called “theobroma”, which means “food of the Gods”? Discover the history of chocolate that spans almost 3000 years, from the Olmecs to chocolate now! The first Heinl chocolate museum allows you to discover the secrets of its production, offers taster sessions and shows you all the steps to turn a cocoa bean into a delicious bar of chocolate!


Open Monday- Thursday, guided tours at 2pm, Thursdays also at 4.30pm, 1st Saturday of the month at 10.30am / For individual guided tours contact Mrs Alexandra Nikodem on +431667211019


5,00 €

Address : Willendorfergasse 2-8 1230 Vienna Austria

Bus : Stop: Willendorfer Gasse

Phone : +43 166721100

Fax : +43 1665922515

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